Rockford, IL. WWII Event 2013
Public Battle and Living History Displays
September 19,20,21,22
World War Two, Historical Reenactment Society
This web site is for reenacters to receive information on the Rockford, IL. WWII HRS event
Located at the Midway Village & Museum Center
All inquires on this event, thoughts, comments, ideas, should contact
Scott Koelling Overall Event Coordinater
Index of Subjects
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-General Information      -Time schedule                        -Vender Hall
-Hours of Operation       -Security                                 -Village and Field Battles
-Registration                 -Reenacter Parking/Pass         -Pyrotechnics
                                  -School Tours                          -House Rules

Rockford Event Photo Site

General Information
This is an World War Two, Historical Reenactment Society event. ALL participating reenacters will abide by the WWII HRS by-laws, Safety and Authenticity Standards. You should review these items at the HRS website at:
In addition to the HRS Safety/Authenticity by-laws, are the "House Rules" which are written on page three, please go over these before coming to the event.
If you do not agree with any of it, please stay home, arguing with event staff will only get you escorted off the premises.
All recognized reenactment groups/societies welcomed, but again you must follow HRS S&A standards PERIOD.
Hours of Operation
-Thursday Sept. 19: 8am  Gates open for setup
-Friday Sept. 20: 9:45-2:15pm  School tours  No personal vehicles allowed in Living History Campsite
-Saturday Sept. 21:  11:00am-5:00pm Museum is open to the public
-Sunday Sept. 22:  11:00am-4:00pm  Museum is open to the public
-Sunday Sept. 22:  7:00pm  Park closes to everyone
Registration will be located at the hospital, we will have signs pointing you in the right direction.
-Thursday 19,  7pm-10pm  Gates open for setup at 8am
-Friday 20,  5pm-10pm
-Saturday 22,  7am-10am
Pre-registration can be found at this link Eventbrite
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-Village Building Use
-Class 3 and C&R
To:6799 Guilford Road
Rockford, IL 61107
Number and Street:
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-Parking Info
-Vehicle Inspection
Page 6
-Woods Map-Placement
Event Flyers

If you would like flyers for the event, please contact Lonna at Midway Village, she will send some out to you to pass along.
The Official Rockford,IL. WWII Event Website
Attention All Unit CO's
Please e-mail Dave F. or I to confirm your Unit and/or campsite before 1Aug13 or you will loose that site!
USO Dance Info
Saturday Sept.21, 7pm-11pm Music,Dancing, Food
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Village Map-Placement

Upon setting foot on Museum/Rockford Park District Property, you are agreeing to abide by house rules, and all HRS safety & authenticity rules and bylaws.

Site Cleanup
August 24 is the date for the annual site clean up.

Dave Jeglum will be inspecting all participating vehicles for proof of insurance, authenticity, and safety. Dave will going arround doing his inspections during the event, please have the nessesary information in the vehicle.
If you need information on HRS requirements, please read the HRS Authenticity and Safety by-laws. Please see page 5 for additional information.

Looking for units to volunteer to help the WACs with registration. All we need is units to help with registration for one hour or even 30 min, please let me know.
Event Staff
Scott Koelling/2.Panzer Division - Overall coordinater

Dave Fornel/353.ID - Village and Camp - Coordinater

Rhea Murwin/2629 WAC Btn - Registration

Bill Larsen/353rd.ID - Village Skits

Ron Kaputska/C.Co.1st.Bat.502nd - Woods Scenarios

Bill Sheets/Safety & Authenticity Officer

Dave Jeglum/ 9th ID - Vehicle Authenticity/Safety Inspector
Vehicle Check List for the event

Jeff Fronczak/11.SS.Feldgendarmerie.Trupp.11
Any ussues in the woods bring to Jeff.

-Allied MPs: 216th MP, 29th MP Bat.

Kevin Hennessey/GD Trains - FG Coordinater in village
located in bldg 24

ALL MPs and FGs who would like to help out, must check in with Kevin at the event. The MP/FG briefing will be held at building 24: Fri,Sat,Sun at 8am

Discounted Hotel rooms info!

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Overview map
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USO Dance

Memorial Hall is a 100 year old Military Museum as well as a large venue for performances. Admission is free and open to the public. Visit their website

War Correspondent
If anyone is portraying a War Photographer or Correspondent is welcome to set up your display with Troy LaFaye, please contact him with any questions

Pre-registration Open
Pre-registration is now open, please go to Eventbrite to register. If the Society you belong to is not listed, they have not sent us proof of insurance, Midway Village Museum requires all participants to be covered. If your unit is not listed, they may not have registered or confirmed with either Dave Fornell or I.
Page 9 - Pre-registration