Vendor Area
Tammy Hansen is the coordinator for the venders, she will be the person directing how tables will be setup and how they will be set, what she says goes!
-Vending fee
-Venders, when you arrive, please go to registration to fill out vending form and pay the fee. Venders may setup outside the barn if desired.
-If you would like to vend at Rockford, please contact Jessica MacDonald of Midway Village & Museum Center
-Venders will have between 30-60min to unload.
-During public hours you will not be able to drive in the village, and no parking your vehicle in the village.
-Cars must be parked in reenacter parking area.
-Vender Registration closes 8/31/13-no walk ins
-Vender setup begins no EARLIER than Thurday Sept. 19th 4pm-absolutly no setting up before that time!
Field and Village Battle

Field Battles
Tom Comer 2.PD
Village Viginettes.
Bill Larsen 353.ID.
Woods Scenarios
Ron Kaputska C.Co.1st Bat.502nd

Pyrotechnics display provided by:
Matthew T. Stratton Special FX
House Rules
House rules were made up by event staff on request from Midway Village, these rules will be followed!
All reenacters will go through HRS Safety and Authenticity inspections along with spot checks in Living History Campsite by Event Staff and Military Police Units. Any discrepancies will be addressed and corrected immediately. Any Unit who cannot correct their FARB will be camping in the Modern Camping Area in Reenacter Parking lot.
-NO live ammo allowed, only blanks should be carried or in your possession
-All NFA laws and rules, as well as Illinois State Firearm laws will be enforced. If you live in the state of Illinois, you will have on you a FOID card, PERIOD!
-All class 3/NFA weapons will be checked for proper papers, ATF Form 3 and 4, and approved ATF From 5320.20
-2300 (11:00pm) Quiet Time will be in affect, QUIET socializing will be permitted around campfires.
-No overnight vehicles permitted in campsite area.
1- Hair cuts will be to Military Standards. NO beards or hiding long hair under helmets or hats. Just come to the event with the proper hair cut and facial hair.
2-Your equipment, uniform, weapon, and vehicle should have been issued in WWII. Any item converted to look like WWII equipment will be judged by event staff, if it is not accepted then it must be removed.
3-All tents should be WWII, reproduction or converted to very close resemblance of WWII tents.No 10 man Arctic and hexagonal tents- GP small, mediums and larges allowed.
4-No Nazi Party/Political items will be worn, this also includes any other counties political items. No flying of German or Nazi Party/Political flags PERIOD.
5-The public battles will be ETO (Italian 44-45) All MTO impression will be allowed in the reenactments. Any other WWII impression will not be allowed in the battles but may set up authentic camp, it is up to you to teach the public the difference in uniforms.
6-Reenacters of the age of 16 & 17 years MUST HAVE a parent or guardian signed WWII HRS Minor's Waiver to participate in the public battles and encampment. This waiver should be filled out before the event, contact the WWII HRS for information.
7-Semi-auto versions of full-auto versions, must look exactly alike and will not have longer barrels.
8-Gas operated weapons should only be used in vehicles.
9-M-1 carbines will not have the bayonet lug.
10-During Field Battle, no throwing of any pyro in/around the German PAK-40 AT-Gun or IG-18 Infantry Gun. These guns fire black powder charges, and may ignite fuel!