Village Building Use
Any unit may have use of a building in the Museum Village with these prerequisites listed below. You will submit your request and your intent to the event staff person in charge of unit placement in the village, contact Dave Fornell. We then will review your request and let you know either way. The bigger the display the better, one table will not be enough. Using the building as a "barracks" will be rejected. The sooner you get us your request the more chance you will have in obtaining a building. If you agree to the below and bail out on us at the event, you will have lost your chance in getting a building for quite a while.

- You must have a WWII theme historically correct display which will be approved by the Event Staff.
- You must commit to the whole weekend, another words, you will setup before the gates open to the     public Saturday, 11:00am. You cannot start taking down your display until after the public   leaves Sunday 22, 4:00pm.
- If you would like your display to be part of the School tours you must state that in your request, and    you will have to be setup before Friday morning 9:00am.
- You will also be responsible for the Museum artifacts if present, in the building you setup display. You will report any problems immediately to Dave Fornell or Scott Koelling!
- You will be responsible for your items/equipment if they are broken or stolen, not the Museum or the     HRS, only you.

As long as you meet these prerequisites, and fulfilled your agreement at the event, you will be locked in for next year.
C&R / Class 3 ATF Info.
All NFA rules apply!
All NFA weapons will be checked for proper paperwork. All non dealers must have an approved ATF form 5320.20 for this event and have it with you at all times. All C&R and Class 3 etc., dealers will have copies of their ATF forms 3 and/or 4 with you to be checked at S&A. All NFA rules apply!

Address for ATF 5320.20:

Midway Village & Museum Center
6799 Guilford Rd.
Rockford, IL. 61107

Any questions please address them to
Scott Koelling.
Class 3 FFL holder in Illinois
FFL: 336-02656
You can receive a discount on hotel rooms
please visit the link below and call the hotels listed to reserve your rooms for the
September 19-22 , 2013 WWII event
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