Parking Information
-You must register to receive a parking pass! Your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed if not!
-Parking area will be marked with red/white/blue flag rope designating parking spaces.
-Vehicle's with trailer's will park will park East of the colored flags or along the flags at the south end of the lot.
-Please register first to find your units camp area in case of last minute changes! DO NOT drive around looking for them!
-NO POV's aloud in camp area during SCHOOL TOURS or during Public Hours Saturday and Sunday PERIOD!
(POV = Your personal car/truck)
Vehicle Inspection Information

Please visit the HRS web site for additional information
All vehicle will be checked at the event, all vehicles will undergo  a checklist.
Below is a brief outline of vehicle S&A:

18. All vehicles will be judged on a case-by-case basis and must be
manufactured before 1946 or must represent a type used by Allied or Axis
powers during the 1939-1945 period. All post 1945 vehicles must be altered
to duplicate a pre-1945 vehicle and be properly painted. Photographs of all
altered manufactured vehicles must be submitted to the Authenticity
Committee along with authentic photos or photocopies of original photos of
the same type vehicle. If judgment is in favor of the rebuilt vehicle, a
permit will be issued by the chairman of the Authenticity Committee.

Safety -


1. All motor vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver, regardless of off
or on road use. The driver must be knowledgeable of the type of vehicle he
is driving. PROPER LIABILITY INSURANCE IS MANDATORY. Any vehicle driven off
road MUST HAVE A GROUND GUIDE, to avoid personnel hiding in foliage.

2. Service brakes shall function on all wheeled vehicles.

3. Emergency brakes (parking brakes) should be functional, if a vehicle was
originally equipped with such brakes.

4. Tires shall have a minimum tread depth of 2/32 inches.

5. Tracks shall be properly adjusted.

6. Steering system shall be functional.

7. Lighting shall be operational if used for night operation.

8. An onboard fire extinguisher is required